25 de Abril 2004

::Da Vinci::

Directo de DPH:

"April 25, 2004 — A spring-propelled car conceived by Leonardo da Vinci five centuries ago could have paved the way for the Mars rovers, an eight-month study of a drawing by the Renaissance genius has revealed.

Drawn on sheet number 812r of the Atlantic Codex in 1478, when Leonardo was 24 years old, the sketch has been translated into a one-third scale model at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence.

Amazingly, the wooden 5-foot by 5-foot, 6-inch model, on display at the museum until June 5, has proved what has been doubted for centuries: the machine actually moves.

"It is the world's first self-propelled vehicle. It was designed to operate as a robot and could travel for about 40 meters. It featured a programmable steering and a brake that could be released at distance by an operator with a hidden rope," Paolo Galluzzi, director of the museum, told Discovery News." Lee mas...

Se me hizo interesante ver la nota. Al parecer Da Vinci estarà de moda por un tiempo, tomando en cuenta el èxito de la novela de Dan Brown El còdigo Da Vinci...

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